Smell: Smells of passion fruit and kiwi, with  an undertone of skunk, its smoke feels smooth and sugary and expand heavily.

White Widow is a 1990s sativa that’s only gaining in popularity. White Widow. It’s no surprise, either. This weed is famous for its potent

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Buy Weed Online Texas, it smelled, very fruity, very smooth, and has a finish like no other. I could taste a blend of citrus rinds for several minutes after every puff.it was first bred in the Netherland, by Green House seeds, and build its popularity within the Dutch coffee shops.it is a cross between a Brazilian Sativa and a resin-heavy Indian indica. Buy weed online in Texas

Effects: Very Sativa-like effects very energetic, as well as a nice body buzz and I, was very clear with no headaches.

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The smell of White Widow is incredibly pungent and savory, with some piney undertones and just a hint of spice. Once smoked, the delicious flavor is sweet and fruity, and it leaves behind a slightly sugary aftertaste. Despite White Widow’s sweet flavor, it definitely packs a punch so coughing might be inevitable.


Fortunately, it doesn’t take a master grower to be able to produce quality White Widow at home. If you are having trouble keeping your temperatures and humidity constant. White Window won’t take it personally. Bred from landrace strains, that had to adapt to harsh and shifting climates, you will find. That White Widow wants to survive and will produce heavy yields, despite minor obstacles.

Conversely, a white widow can be grown outdoors and will sprout up if allowed. Indoors, she will grow into plants, that usually won’t exceed a meter. Their short stature makes them perfect for cultivating in the sea of green method. Sea of green focuses on short plants with thick dense center colas, that end up forming a thick canopy of buds in a small area. Known as a heavy yielder, you can collect as much as 500g/m² indoors and up to 600 grams per plant outdoors or in a greenhouse.

If you are looking to gain a little more size and weight out of White Widow, don’t feel the need to cut the vegetation period short. Topping White Widow once, and allowing it to veg for a full four weeks will maximize the number of flowering sites and help put out an enormous yield. Thus, Buy weed online in Texas

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If you’re interested in growing your own White Widow, then the following strain might also be interesting for you. However, Buy White widow in California.


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