Smell: Strongly smell. Sticky it is recognizable by its apply and mango smell, and a test of pineapple and pine.


Buy Pineapple Express Weed Online

Weed For Sale Online. Though this strain has been around for a while, there’s no question why it suddenly became a household name a few years back. We’re all familiar with its soar to popularity because of James Franco and Seth Rogen film by the same name, but did you know that Pineapple Express had been a fan favorite in the Netherlands for half a decade before the movie’s release. Buy Pineapple Express Weed Online.

Therefore, if famous pot smokers and the Dutch think it’s a winner, then it’s a winner. A cross between hybrid Trainwreck and Hawaiian. This tropical bud is a smooth and sweet smoke that will certainly have you chasing it at least once. weed for sale online.

Breeders at Barney’s Farm rarely turn out anything but gold, so it’s no wonder that this potent strain is another hit. The THC on this strain hits above 24% regularly and boasts aromas likened to a fruit stand. With overtones of fresh-cut pineapple and mango, and undertones of green apple and pine. Also, this tropical bud will have your senses tantalized upon opening the bag. If the scents weren’t enough, the flavors are similar and super strong. These olive colored, rock

-shaped buds taste like a fresh slice of pineapple with a substantial pine aftertaste.

Though not nearly as intense as the movie would have you believe– it won’t turn you into a rambling, beat-boxing Bill Hader. Buzz is powerful in its own right and will have you floating through the air in no time. This mild body numb is accompanied by a heady, happy high that leaves users feeling creative and talkative. As your body relaxes into the high your mind will start to focus and feel productive. The energy this bud provides makes it easy to get through a short to-do list.


Pineapple Express weed may seem like it’s just for the recreational user, but rest assured it has medical benefits out the wazoo. This calming, yet somehow stimulating, bud has the ability to lift the mood and heighten productivity making it perfect for anyone suffering from depression. Chronic stress, anxiety, fatigue, or generalized restlessness. As it has minor sedative properties, Pineapple Express is also good for mild pains and inflammations as well as migraines and muscle tightness. recreational weed for sale online.

This tall growing plant is a great indoor/outdoor plant but typically does better indoors with controlled temperatures. If you are cultivating inside be sure to give this femme lots of space. As her branches tend to reach far and wide. The yields of this strain are typically high and it is considered an auto-flowering strain. Expect your perfect harvest at around 7 to 8 weeks, or if you are growing outdoors, mid-October. Buy Marijuana Online

If you find yourself with the motivation to get up and get moving, this is a great bud to take on an adventure. This hard-hitting hybrid is long-lasting. The energetic strain that meshes perfectly with a busy schedule or creative endeavors. However, If you are the type who likes, this is a great dinner and movie pairing. Pineapple Express Strain for Sale


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